Leather Goods

In the heart of Texas,
our family carefully crafts each leather good.

Each begins with a design centering around the precious Words of our God, a design that will aid you as you keep His Word in your hands, before your eyes, and upon your house.

Each piece is carefully crafted with painstaking attention to detail and quality - premium American leather, long-term finishes, precision cut shapes, and thoughtful lines and features to maximize your enjoyment and productivity.

Each piece is unique, bearing its own variations in color, layout, finish, & tooling, that makes it a beautiful and functional leather good, assisting your family in praising the name of the Lord.

The "Faithfulness" Collection

Among the countless perfections of our God, none is more comforting or precious to His people than His faithfulness. Our "Faithfulness" collection celebrates His steadfast love, mercy, and righteousness in His own words, serving as both a reminder and encouragement to you and your family, and an uncompromising testimony to the world.