The Legacy of Leather

Holy BibleSince God fashioned Adam and Eve’s first suitable clothing, leather has been one of our most invaluable resources. Over the years, it has never ceased to serve as a key element in providing for the needs and wants of people from every corner of the globe and from all stations of life. Kings and peasants alike have used it to clothe and shelter their loved ones; husbandmen and craftsmen have employed it to create the tools with which they labored to fulfill man’s call to take dominion of the earth as God’s faithful stewards; warriors from every age have trusted it to protect their lives and the safety of the homes, wives, and children for whom they fought; God’s people of every millenium have wrapped precious copies of His Word in its protecting folds before sending them forth to bring light to countless millions.

Faithful patriarchs of the newborn world … devout apostles of the first century … staunch Covenanters and courageous Puritans of the seventeenth century … fearless patriots of the eighteenth century … intrepid missionaries, valiant statesmen, and steadfast preachers of the twenty-first century. The priceless heirlooms that have been passed down from our forefathers remind us of the heritage bequeathed to us, and inspire us to pass down to our own children their own heritage of faithfulness, courage, and righteousness. The articles that we utilize in the work that God has given to us, and leave behind to pass to the next generation, will serve as small tokens to bring to the remembrance of our descendants the far more important lessons that we have inculcated in them, and the life work of glorifying God as His stewards and ambassadors that we have left them to carry on.

Written for the generation to come.While the synthetic material marvels of today’s world fill a vital role, leather still stands peerless; bringing an ancient combination of durability and elegance to modern heirlooms. Its supple touch, rich aroma, and beautiful appearance make it a pleasure to touch, to smell, and to see. Under the hands of a skilled craftsman, a piece of leather can be transformed into an item unsurpassed in aesthetics and utility. This is our goal – by the blessing, and for the glory, of our God and King – and we pray that the leather goods that we craft, each bearing the Word of God always before your eyes, will be of service and blessing to your family for generations to come.