Our Story

Welcome to Solid Rock Leather,
a joint endeavor of the Snowden family!


Deuteronomy 4:9

When our second son took an interest in leathercraft as a young lad, our family had no inkling of the adventure that awaited us.  As each of the children in turn discovered the joys of taking in hand a raw piece of leather and transforming it into a piece of art and utility, we slowly accumulated a beginning selection of tools and resources. As our third son, in particular, patiently mastered the skills of tooling and lacing and passed them on to his siblings, leatherworking became an integral part of our family – as a functional and enjoyable hobby. As a hobby it would have remained had not the Lord given a vision of a small family enterprise selling custom desk pads and other items, and then unexpectedly bringing a significant order that provided the impetus to bring the idea to reality.

Our Work Today

Solid Rock Leather is completely a family labor – from product conception, design and development, to sourcing, tooling, finishing, assembling, and packaging, to marketing, sales, and shipping. Each product is designed, made, and packed by one of our family as we seek to do with our might that which our hands find to do (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

Careful stitching
Careful stitching

At Solid Rock Leather, our goal is to create from leather masterpieces of beauty and usefulness that glorify God in form and function; embodying both the heritage of our past and the goal of our present, and

in turn embodying to our children, children’s children, and their children the heritage and charge that we pass on, as today’s masterpieces become heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.

We begin by selecting high-quality leather, then we carefully cut and tool it according to your specifications. The tooled leather piece is then stained and finished before being assembled to create a finished product that will last a lifetime. The Scripture passage or reference tooled into each product serves as a constant reminder of our calling and work, and as a testimony to our heirs and theirs after them. Please explore our products – all carefully crafted deep in the heart of Texas – and find your own family treasure.